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Winter Craft Ideas

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The new season is kicking in, and we start to feel the need to prepare our space to match this cozy season.
Whether for your home or your room or as a gift, these 5 ideas are fit for all! These craft ideas are made with simple materials and are ideal for beginners.

1. Hand painted pots

Choose your pot size and what winter design you want to paint. It can be checkered, snowflakes, Christmas trees or any other that you like. For terracotta pots, acrylic and spray paint are the best options. If it's for a gift, themed candy can be the perfect fit! Wrap it in a plastic bag and top it off with a pretty ribbon. If it's for home decor, pine cones or mistletoe can be layered on the inside. 

2. Tissue paper pom poms

An inexpensive way to decorate your home! You can choose different colors or patterns or textured tissue paper for a unique touch. You just need to grab some scissors and yarn, and you are set. Google is filled with step to step tutorials for different styles. Make sure to check the quality of the material for it to be more durable. 

3. Personalized mason jars

If you have some unused jars at home, this is a great project! Pick up some acrylic paint or chalk paint or glass paint in the colors that you want. The jars can be painted like Santa, a snowman or a reindeer. Or it can be a solid color with a space left to look into the inside to place a candle. For a table centerpiece you can use themed fabric, yarn and pine cone items to wrap around the jar.

4. Unique wreaths

Wreaths are very festive, but also very creative. You can get away with unique styles and colors. Shop for a round base depending on how thick you want it. Cut some fabric in strips and wrap around the base and tie, it's such a fun look! Another options are to use ball ornaments and hot glue them, which gives a shiny result. Lastly, a nature alternative is using some tree branches and make a square wreath. It can be decorated with Christmas ornaments and leaves or flowers.

5. Wine bottle decor

Grab your wine from the fridge, use it up and clean! The bottle can be painted with acrylic paint or a frosted glass spray. If the bottle is left semi transparent, you can place some fairy lights on the inside. If the bottle is a solid color, you can decorate it with yarn and/or buttons. On the top, ornaments can be placed or with fresh or faux greenery.
Winter is such a magical time, and making some decorative pieces is a fun and creative project for anyone. Let us know what you think of these ideas and if you've tried them before.
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