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Planner Kit For 2023


If you're getting ready to stock up for 2023 now is the time! Planners have been available for a few weeks, and we want to help you out. This planner kit idea is galaxy, constellation, and space theme to have cohesive stationery items. You can use this as inspiration on how to get started!
We're going to show you 10 stationery items that go well together to plan for the 2023 year.

1. 2023 Planner

Start with a planner! It helps to know what theme you might want to have. This can minimize the amount of stationery available to choose what matches. Each month can be a sub theme. For example, for a galaxy theme one month can be inspired on the stars, the other on the moon, and so on.
We suggest the Ryu-Ryu 2023 Agenda - Night Sky - Limited Edition. It has annual planners, monthly calendars, and grid pages. The cover features a pink and purple sky with small moon and star details. The plastic cover reduces any dirt or mess and makes it easy to clean. The design is simple, which is perfect for personalizing.

2. 2023 Calendars

The Ryu-Ryu 2023 Sticky Calendar - A6 - Limited Edition is a great way to have calendars ready to just stick on. These are designed to match the planner, which makes it a perfect match! Whether to use for school, work, or on the planner itself, it makes planning much easier.

3. Washi tape

Starting off with the Star Constellation Washi Tapes it has a set of 4 available with constellations. Choose between a blue and a brown color palette, both are perfect for this theme. It contains beautiful gold foil details. This is a perfect way to have stock for various months of the year as you plan.
There is also Mind Wave Die-Cut Masking Tape - Nami, which is a mix of blue sky with a ripped edge. This washi tape allows for unique spreads! It's perfect for page borders.

4. Stickers

One of our newest stickers sheets fits this theme perfectly! The Appree Nature Stickers - Galaxy are made of PET which means that it blends into the page and the colors pop on the page. Medium and small galaxies are featured in various color combinations.

5. Markers

The Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Dot Dual Tip Marker - 6 Metallic Color Set can add a magical touch to the pages. These markers have a fine tip on one end and a round dot tip on the other. They are great for lettering, writing or highlighting. 

6. Pens

The Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen - Decoshine Color are a favorite! This colorful pens write over light and dark paper. Their smooth ink flow provides crisp lines. Choose from 10 colors or get the complete pack! 

7. Sticky notes

The Dreamy Sky Sticky Notes are a beautiful way to take notes. Each set features a different sky, appearing hand painted and textured. These are a great help to decorate the page, layer with other items, or to glue down and write notes.
There are also Universe Sticky Notes! These features various planets like mars, mercury, earth, pluto and more! Each set has 30 sheets. They give a great touch to pages due to the print quality. Have fun with this set!

8. Stamps

The Universe Within Us Rubber Stamp feature astronauts, stars, planets, mountains, and more. There are 2 sizes available. Stamps are such a good tool to give a page a final touch. These magical designs match perfectly to stamp over the sticky notes or washi tapes.
Get ready for 2023! We have various planner designs left, get yours before they are gone.

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