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Why We Love Sakura Pigma Micron Pens

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You've probably heard about the Sakura Pigma Micron pens if you've been into stationery for a while. It's one of the most well known pens to use for artists and we are going to dive into the reasons why we love these! 

1. Pigment-based ink

Usually pens were being made with dye-based inks which tend to smear, fade and bleed-through. But, these pens have pigment-based ink! What does that mean? Well:
- It's water-resistant
- It does not create bleed through
- It's fade-resistant (no smudging!)
- It's permanent
- It's non-toxic
Basically with the type of ink they have you get an amazing high quality result at an affordable price.

2. Simple pen design

These micron pens have a sleek and minimalist design, the barrel is a beige color and it just has the name and pen details written. You also have a classic sturdy metal clip that can easily been clipped on your favorite notebook. The cap closed snugly and it gives you a sign since it snaps, the noise lets you know when you pen is safely closed. The tip size detail is on the cap but also on the side for quick access when you're looking for a specific pen.

3. Various tip size options

There are approximately 10 tip sizes ranging from 003 (0.15 mm) to 10 (0.6 mm). This makes it perfect for choosing your personal favorite for ever day use, for your artistic projects or for your job. You can get the fine tip options for little details or the bigger tip sizes for lettering titles.

4. Versatile use

Everyone can enjoy these pens, even for every day use. There are people that use these pens for specific reasons so here are some of the most common uses:
- Archival journals
- Illustrations
- Cartoons/manga
- Freehand drawing and Zentangle
- Legal documents, logbooks, checks
- Sketching with watercolors
- Rubber stamping


- Store the pens horizontally, laying on their side.
- Avoid using the pen on rough surfaces, if the nibs get stuck it’s not a good surface
- Do not press too hard on the pen.
- Make sure any paint/watercolor is dry before using the pen.
- It helps to write at an angle so that they don't clog.

Get inspired!

Here are some cool ideas of that you can do artistically with these pens according to the tip size.
Once you try these pens there's no going back, trust me! Check them out for yourself and let us know what you think:

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