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Winter Theme Bullet Journal Ideas

bullet journaling

Winter brings out our creative side! Our bullet journal can be an amazing outlet for themes, drawings, and designs.
Check out 5 ideas that you can implement this season.

1. Winter bucket list

There are so many activities that come with winter, but we don't plan to actually do them. This spread is a nice way to list activities and also have them registered as memories of the year. Here are some ideas of winter activities:
- Go ice skating
- Bake cookies
- Take family photos
- Drink hot coco/chocolate
- Search for the perfect tree
- Decorate the Christmas tree
- Look at Christmas lights
- Play in the snow
- Make Christmas cards
- Eat candy canes
- Watch Christmas movies
- Shop for a Christmas sweater

2. List of Christmas movies

There are so many Christmas to watch, new and old! This spread can list your favorite movies to watch and list off. Or it can showcase your favorite movies for that year. Printing and cutting out the movie covers gives a great touch to the page. Get your list started!

3. Themed habit trackers

Habit trackers are normal in the spread, but when it's winter or Christmastime you can get extra creative. It can be with elements like sweaters, scarfs, gloves, mistletoe, stars, snowflakes, reindeer, Santa Claus, boots, polar bears, and more. If you have more time during these months, you can try implementing color in trackers. 

4. Christmas countdown

Countdown the days for Christmas or end of year. The clue is to make it fun with the design and colors to day by day color in. This spread is a guilty pleasure for you! It gives an additional excitement, and it makes you look forward to special dates.

5. Cover page/quote page

Making a cover page and/or a quotes page is even better when being in a cozy season. Draw your favorite part of winter or Christmas! Some examples are:
- A cozy chimney
- Baking cookies
- A Christmas dinner
- Snow over houses
- Festive lights
- A Christmas tree
- Gift wrapping
- Hot chocolate
Bring the festive season into your journal! We hope you got inspired to go for your supplies and get creative. Share your bullet journal spreads with us by tagging our account: @kawaiipenshop.

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