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Ideas for using washi tape

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If you're here you probably have quite a collection of washi tape or maybe you're looking into how useful it is. This is the right place for you! We will be exploring the multiple uses for washi tape apart from using it as decoration in our journals or bujo's.

1. Create tabs

I've been seeing a lot this lately and I am loving it! Experiment with tabs in your journal or agenda for quick access. You can cut a few inches inside the notebook so the tabs don't stick out that much or you can let them show on the edge of the notebook. Try using different patterns and shapes!

2. Pop-up art

Whether it's to make a card or to spice up your bullet journal try making pop-up pieces. Cut out cute parts of a washi tape or use the complete washi tape. This one requires you to test out and explore!

3. Hold paper

This is usually done with normal tape already but using washi tape makes it even better. Hold down photos, papers, notes using cute patterns and washi tape with shiny foil to give it a whole new look.

4. Jewelry

If you're familiar with resin then you probably know where this one is going. If not, check out resin jewelry! Try getting a pendant and some resin and you'll be able to make yourself some earrings or necklaces using washi tape as the main attraction. 

5. Decorate envelopes

If you're into pen pal letter with friends or giving letters and greeting cards to your loved ones then washi tape is very useful. It will spice up any plain paper or white envelope. 

6. Illustration with tape

This one might sound intimidating but it does not have to be a super realistic illustration. Try implementing washi tape into your doodles like cutting it into pedals and making a flower. Trust me, it will look amazing!

7. Gift wrapping

For birthdays, Christmas or any other special date you can use washi tape to make it even more special. Personalize each gift with different colors and patterns. It's best to use a solid wrapping paper so the tape and it's details can stand out.

8. Bookmark

If you're a book lover or want to give something personalized to a special someone this is a great option! Use similar themed tape or choose a color palette and make a bookmark. You can cut out the shape of a bookmark in stock paper or a medium thick type of paper, then just start your artwork.

9. Journaling and scrapbooking

The art of layering papers, stickers and tape is a beautiful one. Why not try scrapbooking with your favorite photos or just with your stationery. You can do whatever you like because it's for you. I know some washi tape (and stationery in general) looks too cute to use but remember that it's meant for using and getting creative.

10. Make a border

Maybe you're already into painting or want to give it a try, using washi tape as a way to create an intact border is ideal. Once you take the tape off it will be a satisfying experience seeing how clean it is under there. This can also be done for coloring or experimenting with lettering!

11. Home decor

Spice up some of your home items using washi tape! It can be a boring plastic basket or a simple plant pot or a wall clock with a boring background - Take out your washi tape and start brighting up the space around you. Why not personalize your plain notebooks, wooden pencils or folders.
We hope this was useful and inspiring to you and that you get some fun projects started. We'd love to see your creations so tag us on instagram @kawaiipenshop or use #kawaiipenshop!
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