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Vintage stationery must-haves

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If you are a vintage lover you're going to love this! We are adding more and more vintage stationery pieces for you and we want to show you the must-haves on our list.

1. Mixed Kraft Paper - Plant Collection

This paper set is beautiful and complete! It comes with 16 Sheets of paper ranging from flower and plants print paper, vintage patterns, cloth-like paper, textured paper. Additionally you'll have 14 Non-adhesive labels and tags that are amazing to either write inside of or to decorate. 30 amazing pieces to scrapbook, journal or pen pal with! What's amazing about getting a set like these is that you are given items that you can cut and shape into what you want.

2. Vintage Journal Paper Stickers

These stickers have a stained effect and you'll see illustrations of a candle, a feather, a typewriter, an antique key, a clock and more. The set has 46 sticker sized at 4.4 x 4.4 cm, they are medium sized stickers so they take up a good amount of space without covering a complete page. These are perfect for completing off any artistic project, for holding down paper or photos in your journal.

3. Zebra Sarasa Clip Color Gel Pen - Vintage Colors

Pens with vintage colors! It's truly like a dream come true. Colors like gray and sepia and dark mustard will match perfect with any vintage journal spread. Even if it's not for an artistic purpose these pens just have some amazing color options to take notes. Change up your colors!

4. Vintage Washi Tapes

 These are a go to at all times, they are functional since it's washi tape but you get the paper effect from the design. There is a world map, DaVinci manuscripts, newspaper articles and more. If you've seen those vintage bullet journal themes or scrapbooking themes you'll recognize them and it's your chance to test them out for yourself. We should warn you, you'll want to buy more!

5. Old Book Pages Decorative Paper

We've all seen when people use book pages but they look old but how can someone destroy their book like that. Well, these pages will help you out without having that dilemma. In this set you'll have a variety of book pages in a variety of sizes and topics without any book being harmed. It comes with 57 papers in a variety of beige tones. Rip and glue freely without guilt!

6. Vintage Label Stickers - Tags

These vintage tag stickers are a game changer! Not just for journaling but if you like vintage items in general for your home labeling jars with these will be so much fun. You'll have 60 stickers, 3 for each design ranging in size from 5 to 8 cm approximately. Some have text on the inside making them perfect to place to decorate and some are empty on the inside for you to write or label as you wish.

7. Vintage Stamp Stickers

These stamps are a classic necessity! They go perfectly for any decorative purpose, even for wrapping gifts or sending off a letter giving it an antique touch. All the 23 designs give the allusion to an old stamp with amazing illustrations on the inside. You'll have a total of 46 stickers sizing in 4.4 x 4.4 cm.

8. Vintage Typewriter Stamp Set

If you don't have these yet it's probable that you've wanted one like these. These stamps give the ultimate vintage touch allowing you to stamp whatever word you like. You also get numbers (0 to 9) and 8 special characters like parenthesis and an exclamation mark to have a complete set, nothing is missing! They are very satisfying to use.

9. Vintage Style Decorative Paper Stickers

These sets are perfect if you're getting started with vintage paper items or when you want to get a few items of the same theme. You'll get 40 pieces of sticker paper, 20 different designs and 2 of each. Sticker paper? Yes! It has the allusion of paper but it's actually a sticker that you can easily glue down. They are a little transparent so if you like that worn out effect you'll love these!

10. Vintage Flower Stickers

If you're unsure of how to layer paper and stickers for a scrapbook effect these are for you! These are exactly that, you get one sticker that looks like paper, tags, and flowers on top of each other. Having it as a sticker just makes it so much better, you can easily place where you want.
These are just a few of our favorites so make sure to check out all the other options that we have. If you have any suggestion of vintage items we should bring in, let us know!

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