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How to start habit trackers

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It's time to start some habit trackers in your journal! There are a lot of ways to make them but essentially it is to be able to track day by day or week by week how you are doing. We will go through 4 basic steps to be able to create these.
Grab your journal and let's break it down!

1. Start with what habits to track

Try starting off with maximum 3 habits at a time. It can take anywhere between 18 to 254 days for a person to build a new habit so it's more about consistency than quantity. Here are some ideas:
Sleep a certain amount of hours
Take vitamins
Read 30 minutes
Take a walk

2. Decide when and how

Now it's time to decide how often to track and what design you'll be using. So for example if you want to drink 5 glasses of water a day to start off then you can decide if you're going to track it daily, weekly or monthly. With that in mind you can design the tracker in a simple or artistic way where you'll have 5 spaces (daily), 7 spaces (weekly) or 29/30/31 spaces (monthly). To get some inspiration check these out:

 3. Time to write it down

Start with a pencil making light strokes to plan out the tracker(s). You can even practice before making it permanent and you can do a test run of a style of tracker if you're unsure. You can start with a daily one and if you notice you don't use it then go to a weekly one in case it's easier for you to mark it at the end of the week.
PRO TIP: You might need to try out various types of trackers until you find one that works for you. It might change from month to month.

4. Remember about your habits

According to the type of tracker you chose follow-up. It's very important to remember your habit trackers so you can have them on your wall or if it's in a journal have it on your nightstand. Remember that it's important to have the trackers fit your day and your life so you can change it up at any time. Use your habit trackers for encouragement! 
We hope this is helpful for you in starting your habit trackers! We'd love to see your creations on Instagram, you can tag us @kawaiipenshop or using #kawaiipenshop.

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