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Bujo essentials: For advanced

Have you done bullet journaling for a while? Check out these ideas to bring new things in! (Click the image to go to the product)

Let's start off easy, brush pens but level 10 

Time to up your lettering game with these top-quality brush pens! These have a long brush pen tip that takes experience to control, if you've done lettering for a while it's time! It also has a fine tip on the other side perfect for details and lines. Why these? They have a great variety of colors and are great to step up your lettering game making it bigger and better.

Intimidating but amazing fountain pens

How about trying out a fountain pen for the first time? This set is perfect to start off! Each box has a fountain pen and 4 black ink cartridges making it perfect to be able to practice. It can seem a bit intimidating but practice achieves the goal.

You deserve cute stationery

Okay, hear me out on this one, it might seem random but you deserve cute stationery like this sharpener as a prize for your commitment to your bujo! (We have so many cool designs you should check them out) Go and treat yourself!

Washi tape & sticker? Yes!

Check out a new type of washi tape + sticker option called Kitta making it portable and easy to use. Also, why not test out new creative patterns and styles you haven't done before, get inspired in the different designs available.

You're ready for some pressed flowers

Implement some pressed flowers into your bujo themes to give it a fresh new look. Appree is a perfect option, you can find all kinds of flowers to create a new type of theme.

You saw it coming, I know, it's stamp time

You'd probably done a lot of habit trackers and calendars by hand so, why not try using stamps? They give a new look to your journal and it also makes the process faster. 

Amazing and quick glue pen

Make your life easier with a glue pen, it's portable and easy to use. It's such a good item to quickly glue things down and reach the borders of pages.
We recommend: THINKing Glue Pen

Check out these cool binder clips

Get some cute and fabulous clips to hold your bujo open while you work on your spread. These also look great in pictures so you can share your designs and ideas in a cute way.

We believe you're ready for some watercolor action

If you haven't yet, try using watercolor in your bujo, it gives it an amazing color and texture! Try using it as background of titles or to fill out letters and let yourself experiment with other mediums. 
Pro tip: Use 200-300 gsm paper when using watercolor!

You've probably needed this paper cutter for a while

This cutter is amazing! It's the perfect size to carry and also for small details. You've probably done a lot of cutting so this item will be very helpful, and while you are at it you'll also be able to enjoy how cute these are.
We hope this inspired you to experiment and continue learning and growing with your journal. Don't be afraid to test something new out, the worst that can happen is that you don't like and if that's the case just go to the next idea.
You'll be surprised at how fun it will be!

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