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Summer Inspired Bullet Journal

bullet journaling

It's time for summer! Between June and July we can get creative with colorful items and fun bullet journal spreads.
Get inspired by these ideas based on various journal designs. Check out the items we recommend to create these ideas. 


Some green can definitely come in during this season. Nature is highlighted in these ideas! You can either draw out animals and leaves and color them in or if you rather avoid drawing using stickers and washi tape. Use some high quality markers to layer the color. It helps to have different shades of the same color. Add summer animals like flamingos, crabs, or chameleons.
 Recommended items:


During summer there is beach and/or pool on our mind! Get inspired by the powerful and beautiful waves for your bujo spread. There are many washi tapes that can complement this design (see below). Waves are a great opportunity to make a detailed illustration with bright blue colors like the markers mentioned below.
Recommended items:


We cannot finish this without including a picnic or food spread! Whether it's s cute picnic or a fun fruit design there are many items that can complete the spread. Vibrant markers and colorful stickers or washi tape are a must to give the design that summer pop. Have fun with it!
Recommended items:
What idea inspired you the most? Is there another theme we should have picked?
We hope you enjoyed these bujo spreads and that you feel ready to start creating!
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