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Stationery Items Under $5

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Did you know that our store has 440+ items that are under $5? That's a lot to see! We want to share with you a few of our top picks to get your started.
Not all stationery is expensive and there are some good hidden gems in the store. Let's take a look by category!

1. Writing Tools

- Momo Cat Gel Ink Pen: A classic black gel ink pen is given a new face! This adorable pen has been a bestseller for years. Its barrel design and price makes it a good pick.
- MUJI Gel Ink Pen: For being one of the most known pens, its price makes it much better. It's affordable without lowering quality. Smooth barrel and smooth ink, the color pops over white paper.
- Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens: 2 tips in one, the most known brush pen has various color options ranging from pastel to vibrant. They are water based, so they double as watercolor.
- Pilot Color Eno Erasable Mechanical Pencil: A classic and sturdy mechanical pencil now with 8 lead color options. This is specially a good item for artists. It's been a non-stop bestseller for good reasons!

2. Sticky Notes

- Kitty In A Box Sticky Notes: A unique and irresistibly cute sticky note set. It actually comes with the box for you to build and place the set in. There are 5 different styles of cats with various fun faces.
- Galaxy Sticky Notes: Write quick notes over a beautiful galaxy background. The mix of colors and constellations are magical. It's one of our personal favorites and a must-have in our store. 

3. Washi Tape

- Lovely Planet Washi Tape: Various patterns and color options! This item is a classic that never get old. Each roll design has a touch of silver or gold foil. Themes from plants to abstract to constellation are here. 

4. Stickers

- Sweet Dream Star Stickers: We might be a bit of bias with this one but even thought it's one of our own it's a constant bestseller. This magical sticker sheet doesn't even need words, just looking at it is enough proof.
- 38 Pcs Kawaii Japanese Hamster Stickers: The cutest items are found in our stickers section, and this one is just one. These chubby hamsters have the cutest faces and expressions. Imagine filling your planner with these!

5. Notebooks

- INDIGO Mini Floral Notebook: This compact notebook has blank pages and an artistic cover. Those amazing mix of colors makes them stand out! They are perfect to carry around in a bag or purse.
- Colorful Key Ring Memo Pad: These are so fun to use! They are perfect for school or work notes. The paper can be taken out and reorganized however you want. And the colors just make it extra fun.

6. Extra Tools

- THINKing Glue Pen: A glue stick in the shape of a pen! It's so convenient and easy to use. You can reach corners and minimize any mess. Since it's been in the store, we continue to bring it back for you.
- Slim Pencil Eraser: A small and adorable eraser in fun colors! It makes something basic so much better. It's one of our best quick grabs.
- Starry Sky Ruler: This continues to be one of our favorite rulers of all time. Its sleek number size layout with the unique sky background makes it so classy. A 15 cm ruler that is perfect to carry in a pencil case.
- Vintage Metal Binder Clips: Whether for clipping papers or holding your journal down while you create, this metal clip is amazing. There are 3 size options and 7 color options.
- Sakura Cherry Blossom Paper Clip: This charming clip has been an obvious all-time favorite. Its quality, size and design make it an irresistible grab. We personally love using it as a bookmark.
This was such a hard task to do! From so many items we are just bringing you a few of the best selling classics. But if you've come this far and want to see more we have more for you.
We have created a new collection on our website for you to see all the stationery available under 5 dollars. If you want to check that out CLICK HERE.

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