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Halloween Theme Journal Ideas

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We are just weeks away from Halloween! If you are looking for inspiration for you of what type of spread you can make, you have come to the right place. Whether you love Halloween or just want something simple, we have 6 ideas for everyone.

1. Watercolor Illustrations

When looking for inspiration, sometimes trying something completely new is the right choice. If you are wanting to get out of your comfort zone, try watercolor! Its watery consistence allows you to blend colors and give depth to drawings. Try painting some of the common iconic images such as a pumpkin, ghost or cat.

2. Dark Scrapbooking

It's time to take out that black paper and washi tape. If you have Halloween theme stickers, it's a great way to use them. Layer various textures and shapes! It's a discreet way to create a Halloween spread, it's neutral, but once you take a look at the details you can tell its inspiration.

3. Black And White

Less can be more! You don't need a bunch of stationery for this idea. With a black marker and/or pen, you can create an eye-catching piece. It can be as detailed or as simple as wanted, so you don't have to be an expert. You can use a white pen to help you out with details or mistakes.

4. Creative Titles

Holidays like this one allow us to try unique fonts that make the page pop. If you want a minimalist spread, a detailed title can be a difference. Check out different fonts on websites or even from scary movies. Play around with common colors for Halloween, such as orange and black.

5. Halloween Doodles

A doodle page can be so fun! If you're insecure about drawing or want to test out some ideas, try this out. You can look on Google and find various ideas to recreate and make them your own. These are also great practice and will be a reference to look back on. Choose your favorite doodle(s) and make a spread from there.
Get to creating! We hope this was a source of inspiration for you to get started. 
We'd love to see your ideas, tag us on Instagram @kawaiipenshop.

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