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Bujo set up: Tips & tricks

bullet journaling

Do you need some inspiration for your bullet journal? Whether you are starting off or if you already have experience - here is a list of ideas that you can take into account for your bullet journal or just for journaling.

1. Letter to my future self

Write a letter for you to read in a year or two. You can write out some of these thoughts:
- How are you feeling at the moment?
- Where do you see yourself in one/two years?
- What do you look forward to?
- What are you afraid of?

2. Bucket list per year

What do you want to accomplish in the year?
It can be big (pay off a debt) or small (try sushi for the first time).
Inspire yourself to do things you've always wanted to do!
When the year is over go back and review what you were able to complete and what can be moved to next year.

3. Expense tracker

Write down your expenses to stay on track during the year!
Try organizing it by categories:
- Bills, food, groceries, etc.
- Savings, essentials, wishlist, etc.
You can keep track of your budget or create charts to visualize what you're mostly spending on.

4. Playlist of the month

Have fun with this spread! You can look back and see the songs you were enjoying at that time. Why not even make a Spotify playlist too!
Write down your top favorite songs each month, you can just list them for a minimalist feel or make it look like a phone and get artistic with it.

5. Brain dump

Give yourself a page to dump your ideas and thoughts to be able to create to-do lists or know what ideas to go back to or to erase. Sometimes you need a page to test pens and markers, this could be perfect for it.
Pro-tip: this page helps with productivity! Instead of getting distracted write it down for later and continue with your task.


6. Affirmations for the year

Set the tone for the year! I am enough, I believe in myself, I can do it, one day at a time, everything will be okay. Maybe it's a quote or verse you feel inspired by. This page is good to go back to on hard days.

7. To-do lists

Time to get organized! Never underestimate the classic list of tasks but remember to make the tasks as simple as possible. For example if you are going to buy a car the to-do list should have detailed steps like: Investigate car brands and prices, choose 3 options, go and look at the cars, start the buying process, etc. Find what type of to-do list works for you:
- Daily list
- Weekly list
- List by priority

8. Monthly quote page

Get inspired by pairing every beginning of the month with a quote. It can match your month's theme and it can be something that you need to read for that time of the year.

9. Habit trackers

Time to implement those habits you've always wanted! Using habit trackers is a fun way to build habits. Choose 2-3 and start small, if you want to read for 2 hours every day try starting with 30 minutes 3 times a week and register what days you accomplish your goal.

10. My year in polaroids

One picture a month to save the best memories of the year! If you don't have a polaroid camera you can print the picture or doodle your favorite memory. You can do monthly memories or one per month.

We hope this was inspiring to you, and remember: It's YOUR bullet journal, you can come up with your own ideas or modify ones that you saw here.

Get your notebook and markers out and have fun!

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