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Zebra Sarasa Dry Gel Pen - 0.5 mm

$3.59 USD $3.99 USD

This Zebra Sarasa gel pen is perfect for lefties and for taking quick notes! It features Zebra's quick-dry gel technology that avoids smears even seconds after writing. Lefties can write freely without worrying and you can jot down quick notes and close your journal without a problem. Just like the classic Zebra Sarasa pens, you'll have vivid lines when writing, a firm rubber grip, and a sturdy clip. There are 3 basic colors and 3 vibrant barrel colors to choose from!

The black, blue, and red pens reflect the ink color, and the pink, lime green, and light blue colors contain black ink.

Tip size: 0.5 mm

Brand: Zebra

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