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Paperian Ritual Pocket Diary - Undated

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Introducing the Ritual Pocket Diary by Paperian: Your Path to a Purpose-Driven Life. This little book packs a powerful punch, helping you cultivate the habits that lead to your dream life. Compact and portable, it's your personal guide to what truly matters.

Dressed in a luxurious, foil-embellished cover, safeguarded by a PVC protector, this diary opens a full 180 degrees for your uninterrupted journey. What's truly unique? It's undated, so you set the pace. Success is a sum of daily habits – and now, you can choose from 4 sophisticated colors to document your unique journey to greatness.

The diary features: 

  • Annual planner.
  • Monthly calendars for 12 months.
  • Weekly planners for 53 weeks.
  • Blank pages (40 pages).
  • Personal information page.
  • A daily ritual page.

Number of pages: 176

Paper weight: 100 gsm

Size: 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm

Brand: Paperian

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