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Kuromi Gel Pen Set

$8.99 USD $10.99 USD

The set contains 5 pens. It features a sleek and shiny body with a transparent clip. All pens contains black ink. Each pen barrel has a unique design. Perfect for school or everyday writing.

The Kuromi Gel Pen Set features pens with a classic purple color with illustrations of Kuromi, bows, ice cream, hearts, alongside patterns like lines and diamonds.

The My Melody & Kuromi Gel Pen Set has a chrome effect with pink and purple color. Illustrations of these two characters fill the body alongside flowers, bows, baskets and more.

The Pochacco Gel Pen Set features pens in soft mint green colors with illustrations of Pochacco, lollipops, candies, and more.

This set contains 5 pens.

Ink color: black

Tip size: 0.5 mm

Brand: Sanrio

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