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Kuretake Fudebiyori Brush Pen - 12 Color Set

$24.99 USD $28.99 USD

Add colors to your crafts with the Fudebiyori brush pens! Kuretake uses water-based pigment ink which is acid-free and odorless. The ink is also waterproof and archival quality, perfect for preserving your memories in scrapbooks or for other crafts. The flexible but hard brush tip allows you to easily draw nice brush strokes making this pen perfect for lettering. The Fudebiyori brush pen is suitable for both small details and large areas and looks fantastic on both light and dark-colored papers!

This set contains 12 brush pens of the following colors: Red Plum, Crimson, Red Ochre, Vermilion, Yellow Ochre, Golden Yellow, Miscanthus Grass, Green Rust, Light Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Wisteria, and Silver Gray.

Brand: Kuretake

Model Number: CBK-55/12V

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