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BT21 Happy Flower Hologram Stickers

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Let Your Imagination Bloom with BT21 Happy Flower Hologram Stickers, the official BTS merch! These enchanting stickers bring the magic of BT21 characters to your journals and notebooks. Shimmering in the light with a mesmerizing holographic effect that dances with different colors, these stickers are the perfect choice for both BTS fans and anyone seeking to infuse their creations with cuteness and charm. Choose from 6 lovable BT21 characters and let the fun, and creativity blossom.

Each piece in our catalog is part of the official BTS merchandise line.

Each set contains 1 sticker sheet with approximately 24 stickers in total.

Size of set: 17 cm x 6.2 cm

Material: paper

Brand: BT21

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