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Unusual office supplies you didn't know you needed

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There is a lot of cool stationery out there and we sometimes don't know about it specially when it comes to Japanese items. Check out these unusual but very useful products! 

1. Plus Guard Your ID Stamp Roller

You've probably tried hiding your private information when throwing away mail or personal documents. And we have things like a shredder or just cutting up everything in little pieces but what if I told you there is a product that can help you.
This stamp features an encrypted pattern that in combination with oil based ink penetrates non-glossy papers so personal information cannot be seen at the front or back. In a single stroke, you can glide the roller over all of the text you want masked. The ink dries fast and doesn't smear.

2. KOKUYO Dotliner Knock Retractable Glue Tape

It's not glue but sticks great like glue and it's not tape but it's practical like tape - It's glue tape! This is an amazing piece to have if you do journaling, have a bujo or just glue a lot of things down.
The Dotliner is a dotted glue tape for wrinkle free sticking. It's trendy design gives precise application and the retractable feature makes it very convenient to use. It's a non-toxic and no-mess glue stick that is compact and easily fits in your daily carry pouch.

3. KOKUYO Harinacs Stapleless Stapler

Are you tired of using a stapler? Whether it's because of the mess of the stapler or to be more eco-friendly this is the item for you! Just like the name says, this is a stapeless stapler.
Its unique design allows you to secure sheets of paper together without the need for staples. You can simply press the device like a traditional stapler and your documents will be secure. How? Well, with the magic of pressing the papers together.

4. Uni Propus Window Highlighter - Light Colors

Sometimes we highlight information blindly, we can't necessarily see where we are going but we are trying to go on a straight line. Or if you're a leftie the struggle is real trying to place the paper at an angle to view what you are doing. This is where this highlighter comes in!
What makes this highlighter super special is the transparent window on its tip which allows you to see what part of the text you are highlighting! These highlighters are double-sided and include a fine tip suitable for underling and writing.

5. KOKUYO Saxa Poche Compact Scissors

Carrying around scissors in your pencil case can be a bit annoying and sometimes a bit unsafe. If only we had a compact and functional option.... Well, yes, this one is for you!
What is unique about these cute compact scissors by Kokuyo is that the scissors are without a cap. The blades are designed specifically to come out from the case by sliding the button on the side. The special 3D mechanism prevents the blends from getting sticky when used to cut the tape.

6. THINKing Glue Pen

Maybe you're like me and when you use a glue stick you face a few dilemmas. Like, how it can get a bit messy or how difficult it is to get to the edges and corners of the paper.
THINKing Glue Pen contain gel-based glue that is perfect for all your paper crafting adhesion needs. Its compact size is not only great for carrying around but for reaching the corners of a paper. It's so practical like holding a pen!

7. Kokuyo Campus B5 Soft Ring Notebook

I think lefties are going to love this one! Or just anyone who is tired of getting hurt by those wire spiraled notebooks. I think the name hints at what it is!
These cute notebooks are also very functional, their soft rings will not open or loosen and they will not disturb your hand when writing no matter what position it's on. Their covers are waterproof and also dust-free making them easier to clean and maintain their bright colors.

8. Pilot FriXion Ball Slim 3 Color Erasable Multi Pen

Okay pens that give you the option to erase the ink is no surprise by now, we know of their existence. But wait, let's add that you'll get 3 colors of ink plus the ability to erase any of them and we have a super amazing option.
Write, erase, re-write with no damage to the paper! The erasable Frixion 3 in 1 is a unique gel pen that contains 3 colors of thermo-sensitive gel ink. The heat generated by friction when rubbing the paper with the special tip turns the ink invisible.

9. KOKUYO Kadokeshi 28 Corner Eraser

I'm sure we all use up the corners of an eraser first, it gives us that precision that we are looking for to erase exactly where we need. Which is probably why this eraser was created.
This brilliant and quirky Japanese eraser has 28 corners. Its unique shape means that it has a greater number of corners than a conventional eraser, whilst using no extra space. (I mean it even won a designer award, that's a plus)

10. Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Mechanical Pencil

This one is one of my personal favorites! The downside of using a pencil, mechanical or wooden, is the way the lead starts to decrease on one side so it's less sharp. And we automatically have created this hand motion of rotating the pencil and using the more sharp side. Uni's fabulous Kuru Toga solves that problem. 
Kuru Toga rotates the pencil lead as you write using only the kinetic energy created by your pencil strokes. The rotating lead results in a uniformly sharp point instead of the chisel tip which means neater lines and a stronger lead. Kuru Toga has been a sensation all over the world because of its innovativeness and archival quality. 
That's all we have for you today but don't worry, there are many more items yet to come so keep an eye out for a part 2!
We hope we enjoyed it!

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