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Scrapbooking 101

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Scrapbook noun
scrap·​book | \ ˈskrap-ˌbu̇k \
: a blank book in which various items (such as newspaper clippings or pictures) are collected and preserved.
The art of scrapbooking is one that can suit artists and non-artistic people. It can be done daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you want. If you want to get started in this area, this is the post for you! We will review the basic material you need and some suggestions.

1. Materials

We are going to need a few things that you may have at home and some you might not. According to what style and the purpose for scrapbooking that you have, you can get the items that you mostly need.

a. Glues

Scrapbooking includes layering and gluing or taping down papers, so it's vital to have some type of glue to start. A glue pen has the benefit of making it easy and comfortable as well as reaching corners. The tape rollers make taping easy, you glide it on the paper, and it's ready to go.

We recommend:

b. Scissors

Though it seems obvious, having a good pair of scissors is very important. Search for ones that have a good blade and are non-stick! You might want to work with messy and sticky items, so having scissors that can handle all of it will make a difference when scrapbooking.

We recommend:

c. Papers, stickers, washi tape, stamps, etc.

Here is where the fun starts! Scrapbooking can be done in any style, from vintage to kawaii to dark to minimalist. Choose which style you like more and test it out. Think about a theme or a concept of what you are going to scrapbook. Some ideas are: daily prompts, quotes, special dates/memories, poems, goals. Get some items to layer, make sure that there are various sizes to make it easier.

We recommend: 

  1. Mixed Kraft Paper - Autumn Letters

2. Basics to get started

Get your materials ready and have your theme in mind. Get inspired with Pinterest and/or Instagram for layout ideas. Determine how you are going to layer your material on the page without gluing anything down. Adjust and add until you like how it looks. Start simple and then start using different materials and adding other types of ideas. 
Remember to have fun! Your scrapbooking can just be for you, so there is no pressure to make it perfect or aesthetic, but primarily make it yours.

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