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Back to School Essentials

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It's time to get ready for back to school, but where do we get started? 
Check out our recommended essentials and start checking off the list! A big part of getting back to school is getting excited about the tools you have for studying. Whether you have a budget or you're ready to invest in various items, there is a wide range of prices to choose from.
Time to get inspired for the new school period!

1. KOKUYO Campus Notebook

A notebook with textured yet smooth paper which allows for both graphite and gel pens. The 70 gsm paper weight is perfect for basic study notebooks to highlight and use various writing instruments. It's lay flat glue binding is very comfortable without any interruption when changing pages and is a special plus for lefties.
It has adorable animal illustrations with bright and fun colors. Each animal can be a school subject; it adds an extra amount of fun.

2. KOKUYO Binder

Binders can be bulky, heavy and uncomfortable but this one solves all those problems. From the color to the design it is 100% ideal. It's small enough to carry around, the rings are designed for comfort and the colors are perfect. It only has 8 rings leaving a space at the center to write freely.
It comes with 1 cover page, 40 refill sheets and 5 dividers! Once you test this binder out you will never go back!

3. MUJI Pens

You've probably heard about these pens plenty of times before, but they are famous for good reasons. Their simplicity is all you need! The inks consistency and its pleasurable tactile feedback makes them memorable. That's it! Just by providing great writing experience, they have become the best pens available worldwide.

We recommend: MUJI Gel Ink Pens (with cap) or MUJI Smooth Gel Ink Pen (retractable)

Color code your notes with your favorite colors!

4. KOKUYO Campus Loose Leaf Paper

This high quality paper is thicker than usual loose leaf paper. They are beloved for its smoothness and bleed resistance. It performs so well with a variety of writing instruments, from gel pens to fountain pens. A big benefit is how your hands will feel relief. You won't have to use a lot of pressure when writing; allow your hand to write smoothly.

We recommend: KOKUYO Campus Loose Leaf Paper - Sarasara

This style of paper is especially popular among students. Remember to use it with European-style two ring binders and KOKUYO binders.

5. Zebra Sarasa Clip Color Gel Pen

Taking notes can be tedious and boring specially when reading them back. Having unique colors adds fun to it! These pens are affordable and sturdy without compromising fashionable. Its pigment ink is water resistant and is even made of recycled plastic.
There are 10 cool color options!

6. Tombow Mono Graph Mechanical Pencil

A pencil that extends the led when you shake it! Its practical and precise design has been conquering the market. A 4mm long fixed guide pipe prevents the lead from breaking. Draw and write firmly, stably, and comfortably! One of Japan’s most popular erasers, the MONO Eraser is part of the pencil making it a complete high quality pencil.
We love the pastel colors, but be sure to check out all the Tombow Mono Graph Mechanical Pencils we have available here.

7. Retro Highlighters

You can choose cool tones or warm tones with these stylish markers. The chisel tip allows for a thick or thin line. Highlight information and titles, color code your notes and get creative with your school work. The square style body is unique and the colors are beautiful. 
A perfect combination of cool and practical! 

8. Sticky Notes

Perfect for labeling, taking notes in a book, and marking important test dates on a calendar. These round gradient sticky notes will look amazing! They are affordable and necessary when studying.
Check out all the designs available for sticky notes here.

9. Tombow Mono One Holder Eraser

A handy dandy little twist eraser! Easily erase a letter or a number without affecting the text around. Twist for the eraser to come out and place the cap to avoid it getting dirty. Compact and simple for studying.
Pen-style erasers make erasing much more precise!

10. Tombow Correction Tape

Mistakes are inevitable, but a correction tape can solve that problem quickly. This is an ergonomic shaped correction tape! The design of the shape is based on the best natural way of holding. It has a non-slip rubber grip and just requires the user to press on the side of the case.

We recommend: Tombow Mono Ergo Correction Tape

It's quite necessary to take notes in class to easily correct any mistakes, and keep up with the professor.

11. Corduroy Pencil Case

When getting all the necessary study tools you will need a place to keep everything safe. This pencil case has a mesh pocket special for pens, pencils and markers. It also has a big main pocket for correction tape, scissors, big highlighters and more. 
It's perfectly spacious with beautiful material!

12. Compact Scissors

If you need to carry scissors this new school period try using a compact style. These hide the blade to be able to carry and search for without any accidents. Simply slide the button on the side to open it. The blade can handle cutting tape without it getting sticky.
Easily store in a pencil case and take to school!
Time to get to shopping for the school year! Have fun, study hard and go for your dreams.

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