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KOKUYO Saxa Non-Stick Scissors

$12.99 USD $14.99 USD

This is not just any pair of scissors! KOKUYO Saxa Scissors feature high-quality stainless steel cutting blades with non-stick fluorine coating. 

Thanks to the innovative "hybrid arch" blades, Kokuyo Saxa scissors can cut almost anything, from regular printer paper to plastic bags and cardboard boxes. The blades are curved so that the angle between them gets bigger as you approach their tips. This increased angle lets you easily cut with the least strength. 

Their comfortable, roomy handles have plenty of space for multiple fingers. A safety cap covers the blades when not in use.

Size: 1.4cm x 17.4cm x 7.5cm

Material: stainless steel, rubber & plastic

Manufacturer: KOKUYO

Model number: HASA-PF280

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