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Plus Compact Pen Style Twiggy Scissors

$13.99 USD $14.99 USD

This compact pen-size pair of scissors can be easily carried in your purse or pencil case. Its cap and lock can keep the blades securely stowed. Its slightly curved blade ensures the best cutting angle. It is ideal for cutting washi tapes, paper, envelopes, strings, or clothes tags. Use it for scrapbooking and bullet journaling.

Take off the cap and slide the handle to unlock the scissors. Even when the handle is unlocked, it will lock automatically when the cap is put on.

The light pink and light blue versions feature fluorine-coated blades. The non-stick fluorine prevents sticky residue from building up on the blades when cutting through tape or labels.

Material: plastic handle & high carbon stainless steel blade

Length: 13.6 cm

Diameter: 1.2 cm

Brand: Plus 

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