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Pilot Frixion Kese Lame Erasable Pen - Sparkly Edition

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Spice up any white or black paper with their metallic pastel shade ink. Pilot's Frixion Kese Lame erasable sparkle glitter pens make decorating in journals and planners even more fun and accessible. You can use them to make headings, write cards and invitations and make any written note extra special without fear of making mistakes since the ink erases completely just like all Frixion pens.

The pen features Pilot's archival thermo-sensitive gel ink that can be erased by friction. The special rubber tip at the end of the pen allows you to erase the writing conveniently without having to cap or uncap your pen. Since the ink reacts directly to temperature, it is recommended not to leave it under direct sunlight or anything that's hotter than 140 Fahrenheit.

Tip size: 0.7 mm

Brand: Pilot

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