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Furukawashiko Hedgehog In Teacup Letter Set

$7.99 USD $10.99 USD

An amazing letter set with unique themed papers. It contains 3 teacups of various sizes with playful hedgehogs on the inside. A lined section is on the back of each letter paper. Furukawashiko is known for its high-quality material and hand-painted look. Surprise a loved one with this colorful teacup letter! Gift inside the matching cream color envelopes.

The set contains 6 sheets of paper and 3 envelopes.

Size of envelope: 9.2 cm x 14.2 cm

Size of sheets of paper: 5.9 cm x 9.9 cm, 7.1 cm x 9.3 cm, 7.8 cm x 8.5 cm

Brand: Furukawashiko

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