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2024 Pokemon Schedule Book - Pikachu Number 025

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Get ready to catch 'em all, not just in the world of Pokémon, but in your daily schedule! Introducing our 2024 Pokémon Schedule Book, your trusty companion for a year full of adventures and achievements. With annual and monthly planners at your fingertips, you'll master time management like a true Pokémon Trainer. Plus, inside you'll discover blank pages adorned with adorable Pikachu illustrations, adding a sprinkle of charm to your notes and sketches. The protective plastic cover shields your schedule book from dust and dirt while being a breeze to clean.

The schedule book features:

  • Yearly calendar (2024-2025)
  • Annual planner
  • Monthly calendar from October 2023 to March 2025
  • Blank pages
  • Contact list
  • Holiday list
  • Personal contact information

Number of pages: 80

Cover type: softcover

Size: 18.5 cm x 13 cm

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