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About Us

To all the lovely people out there wondering who we are,

Kawaii Pen Shop, started off with a vision of bringing in creativity, which is combined with the traditions of the Japanese/Asian culture and designs. Being brought up in Europe and studying about Asian culture, I was amazed how difficult it was to get access to some of the funky, and cute stationary. During my study, whenever I came across something I needed and did not have access to it I wrote it down in my journal. Following my graduation, I decided to travel around the world and the more I travelled and the more people I met, the more amazed I was knowing how other people also felt the need for unique, quirky and yet so Kawaii (as the name suggests means “Cute”) stationery. Keeping that vision in mind, and making it affordable for everyone, we also offer FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY! YES, you heard it RIGHT! So embrace yourselves and get ready to shop! We really hope you love our products and we would love to hear your opinion.

Happy Shopping!

Kawaii Pen Shop founder & stationery lover