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Kokuyo Jibun Techo 2022 Lite Diary - Mini B6 Slim

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Jibun Techo planner combines its calendar pages with plenty of space for personal notes and lists. This Lite Diary features the Jibun Techo's thoughtful weekly and monthly calendars in a slim format that slips easily into a bag, with a soft and colorful cover.

The Jibun Techo booklets are mostly written in Japanese, but you don't need to know Japanese to use them. The section headers, months, and days of the week are all provided in English.

The planner features: 

  • Lightweight yet durable 52 gsm Kokuyo thin paper, which is remarkably resistant to bleedthrough.
  • A 2-page spread for each week of the year, starting on the last week of November 2021 and ending on the first week of January 2023. Each day has a vertical layout with hours marked from 0 to 24. Additional spaces let you record to-do lists, the weather, what you ate, and how you felt that day.
  • Monthly calendars for December 2021 through March 2023.
  • 12 pages of lists with a space to fill in any subject you like.
  • 22 pages of grid paper at the end of the planner for additional notes and sketches.
  • Two ribbon bookmarks

Number of pages: 192

Cover type: softcover

Paper weight: 52 gsm

Size: 18.7 cm x 11.5 cm x 0.9 cm (B6)

Manufacturer: KOKUYO

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